Healing of Sleep-Related Neck and Spine Pain with the Chiropractor in Your Neighborhood

Sleeping postures play an important role in providing comfort to the muscles, joints and the bones in the neck and spine. There are three main postures, namely the side posture, stomach posture, and back posture. Sleeping on the left side is stated to be the most appropriate for every individual as it relieves the stress from the spine, neck, and Para-spinal muscles. However, the posture is not practical while sleeping for 6 to 8 hours. Hence, your body tends to shift postures during sleep.

Stress and Fatigue

Stress on the spinal nerves and Para-spinal muscles will be more during the stage of deep sleep. It is because the conscious mind will not be active during the time. Hence, the possibility of assuming unhealthy postures is more. The stress accumulated within the muscles can make you feel fatigued after you wake up in the morning. The stress on the nerves can also induce numbness in the muscles and joints.

Long Term Implications

The long term implication of improper posture can lead to nervous instability, muscle cramps, insufficient circulation, increased blood pressure, and pain in the Para-spinal muscles. Free movement of joints gets affected. You may develop knee, neck, and lower back pain. You may consume medicines and go through conventional therapies like physiotherapy or massages. But they provide only temporary solutions.

Why Choose Chiropractic

Chiropractic is the most recommended and effective method due to several reasons.  Firstly, it is associated with the adjustment and manipulation of the spinal cord and the connecting nerves. Secondly, it is natural and uses no harmful chemicals. It is also non-invasive, which means there are no surgical methods used in the procedures. Hence, the risk of side effects like strokes, and paralysis are non-existent.

Chiropractic applies to all age groups of males and females. It works for people with a high body mass index. It also works fine for those who have allergies for medications and conventional massage and physiotherapy.

What Does a Chiropractor Do

An experienced Kirkland chiropractor uses a chiropractic table for treating your sleep-related spine and neck problems. The table has many compartments to support and re-align the spinal cord sections. The chiropractor starts from the lower back and moves up until the neck muscles.


There are many spine adjustment techniques like the activator, drop-table, Gonstead, and other distraction methods. The specialist may also use many tools like the activator adjustor, TENS, CryoSauna, and others for setting the neck and Para-spinal muscles in perfect alignment.

Stress Relief

Application of chiropractic oils and activator massages can relieve all the blocks in the veins that pass through the spine. They can also rejuvenate the stressed out muscles and skeletal bones connecting to the spine.


The final result of chiropractic treatments is that you get long-time relief from the sleep-related spinal and neck problems. You don’t need to depend on medicines and conventional treatments to make you sleep comfortably. The sleep cycles also improve considerably within a short time without any sort of internal disturbances.

Top Reasons to Choose Chiropractic as Your Profession

Top Reasons to Choose Chiropractic as Your Profession

Hi, I guess I have already told you about why I chose chiropractic as my profession after spending years of being a physiotherapist. If you happen to be a physician or specialist in any other faculty, I think you will find my experience useful. I am not speaking about chiropractic, because you can earn more money in your profession. It is also because of the wonderful services you can provide to those who still don’t know about the benefits. Though the faculty has been there since decades, the popularity and trustworthiness among the people are not so widespread. You can be the pioneer in spreading awareness not only in your city but also all over the USA and beyond.

Why Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a multidimensional healing method for the entire body and mind. It is for the simple reason that the techniques are focused on the spine and the Para-spinal muscles. You are aware that most of the critical central nervous system is passing through the spine. You can count up to 31 pairs. Most important among them are the cervical, lumbar, and thoracic nerves. They connect to the critical parts like the neck, brain, chest, and the lower back.

Critical Health problems

If you read the latest medical journals about critical health problems, most of them are related to the cervical, lumbar, and thoracic nerves. Majority of the people suffering from such disorders are on prescription medicines. It is lifelong suffering for which they have conditioned their body and mind. Imagine how much they pay for medical bills every year. Think about the stress and agony they have to go through every day. You can provide them with natural solutions through chiropractic methods.

How Chiropractic Works

Chiropractic is a natural method of adjusting and manipulating the spine to its natural state. When I mention this, it is obviously not about the conditions when the patient was born. It is rather about the previous healthy condition when he/she was free from critical diseases and disorders. How will you know about such conditions? Do a course in chiropractic (if you are already a practicing physician) or choose graduation in which chiropractic is the specialization. You can become a licensed practitioner after you have completed the course and the practical training under an experienced chiropractic expert.

You can learn about the various chiropractic equipment, tools, accessories, and methods during the course. It is also possible to explore the world of chiropractic massage, essential oils, and other spine adjustment methods through non-conventional therapy and treatment methods.

There are individual healing methods for every organ and muscle in the human body. You can identify the defects by feeling, scanning, and testing the muscles and organs. Once you have diagnosed and identified the problems, it is simple to choose the best healing methods for that particular patient and specific health condition.


The best part of Jacksonville Chiropractic Clinic is that there are absolutely no side effects after the treatments. The patients can lead to a healthy and fit life. 

Chiropractic Treatment for Spine

Why did you choose chiropractic, when there are so many other methods of therapy and treatments? How effective are the therapeutic methods? Who can benefit? How is it better than the other methods? Is it economical for everyone?

These are some of the questions I had to face after taking up chiropractic healing as my profession. Of course, I had worked as a physiotherapy expert for 10 years before getting into this field. I had treated hundreds of patients using conventional medication also. However, I found chiropractic to be relatively more efficient, because of the simple reason that it focuses on the spine. What is so special about it, you may ask.

Chiropractic and Spine

You know that spine is the main supporting organ in the human body. It runs along the backbone from the neck to the lower back. There are hundreds of nerves and veins which connect to the entire human body from here. There are also Para-spinal muscles which connect to other muscles throughout the human body. Let’s see how important they are.

Spine Functions

The brain sends our thousands of signals to the various parts of the human body every second. The voluntary movements of the hands, legs, eyes, and other parts depend on these signals. There are also involuntary actions like the heart beat, breathing, and others. The nerves on the spine carry the signals between the brain and the other organs. Everything is fine as long as the spine works perfectly and it is straight.

Spinal Stress

The spine is under constant stress due to the action of movement of muscles and ligaments around it. It can experience dislocations at times. It may start as a minor sprain or strain. Improper postures while sitting, standing, sleeping, running and walking can further extend the stress factors. Gradually there will be gap between the spine and the backbone.

Stress Consequences

The stress factors naturally pass onto the other parts of the body including the lumbar and skeletal muscles. The results could be lower back pain, muscle pulling, neuromuscular disorders etc. The patient may also experience partial or complete strokes leading to paralysis.

Conventional Treatments

Conventional medications and treatments can only provide temporary relief from the pain. It is because they numb the muscles and nerves which have twisted. Once the effects of treatments reduce, the patient may experience pain and discomfort. The cycle continues.

Chiropractic for Spine

 As I understand, chiropractic is a natural and permanent method of setting the spine and connecting muscles to the normal position. As a chiropractor, I use simple methods and tools to perform the therapy. The process is gradual but it works wonders. I have been using it for all the age groups of patients from 8 to 80+.

There are absolutely no side effects of the treatment. The patient can resume his normal lifestyle almost immediately after the completion of treatments.


You can try chiropractic for your spine and experience the benefits. It is better to take the advice of your physician before starting with the chiropractic methods.

How To Pick A Chiropractor

Chiropractors treat those suffering from spine and problems of the feet. Quite unlike the doctor that treats a patient with medicines, the chiropractic doctors tend to manipulate the bones of the back to give relief to the person. Thus, how effective a doctor turns out to be will depend a lot on how well he has understood the field that he has chosen to practice in. Increasingly more and more of the general population is getting attended to by chiropractors and the trend is going to increase as time goes on by.

How To Pick A Chiropractor

It would be pertinent to understand what constitutes a fair treatment plan by the better of the chiropractic practitioners. 

Get to use a Service that fits the Need

Rather than pick out a chiropractor service that seems to be working in most of the cases, it is more apt to pick out a doctor who is just the right fit to the case. In a lot of the cases, the cases that a lot of the chiropractors get to examine are sports injuries of all kinds. It would be advisable to try to understand the issues at hand and to understand what the practitioner has to offer in the long term.

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies while offering health policies tend to place restrictions to coverage to alternative means of treatment or what is more commonly referred to as complementary treatment types. While on the other hand there are plans that provide partial relief to the patient and so on.  So before embarking on any treatment, it is best to understand and make sense of the finer print on the policy document.

Most of the chiropractic routines are not that expensive as it involves little of medications and procedures.  But in a field that is very subjective, it makes little sense to take chance with treatment forms.

Get to meet the Doctor

It would be the proper thing to do to meet with the doctor before beginning the treatment as it allows time to understand the procedures and terms of references. This allows the practitioner to explain in detail what is being contemplated beforehand and prior to the routine. Since the chiropractor tends to work on the patient without any loss of consciousness being rendered, it helps to have a peace of mind to have a talk to the person beforehand.

Take time to make sense of the procedure

Ensure that the chiropractor does understand the situation and explains in detail how the procedure is going to be conducted. Despite the rather specialized knowledge that comes into the field, it goes with the reason that the actual process can be explained to the layman.


Every treatment form has its own plus points and its minus points. Understanding what to apply at a particular point is crucial to the healing of conditions of the back. Choose the chiropractor doctor wisely to be able to have a pleasant time during the treatment and afterward during recuperation. 

How Chiropractic Can Keep You Fit and Healthy

You might be familiar with the chiropractic equipment, methods and the healing procedures. There is one more aspect of the process, which is linked to the treatment and therapy. It is the massaging methods. They become effective and efficient, when you use the chiropractic essential oils. They are categorized into bating, compressing, sauna, shower, stream, inhaling, and vaporization. They are useful for men and women of all the age groups.

Essential Oil Bathing

Take one spoon of Eucalyptus oil and add two spoons of herbal shampoo. Then you can mix it in your bathing water of four liters. You can also use the same ratio to fill your bathtub. It is better to use lukewarm water or slightly hot water when it emits steam. Mix well and immerse yourself into dream chiropractic treatment. You may spend about 15 to 20 minutes. You may soak well before entering the shower.

Eucalyptus oil enters your skin pores and cleans them. It can remove all the dirt, dust, sebum, and the other impurities. Now, your skin can also breathe like your nose. Don’t use perfumes or other toiletries on your skin after bath.

The other essential oil I have found to be useful is lavender. It is a pain healer and cosmetic oil. It can soften the hardened skin and remove the wrinkles. It can also enhance the growth of collagen within the epidermis layer of your skin.

Essential Oil Massaging

Massaging with the chiropractic essential oils can give you the best experience of freedom from pain and stress. As a chiropractor, I have discovered many massaging methods from South India to the Tibetan traditions. Of course not all of them conform to the adjustment and alignments of the original chiropractic methods. However, you may use them as alternate healing methods.

Deep Tissue Massage

The massage strokes have to be unidirectional. That means you can move your fingers and hands only in bottom to top or top to bottom. You can identify the muscular tissues on the recipient’s body clearly. For this, you have to know the anatomy of the human muscle groups. Then you have to study the multiple types of common muscular problems. Then you have to study the chiropractic massage methods and link them to the specific problems. Then you need to have experience and expertise. Then you can start giving chiropractic essential oil massages.

Deep tissue massage is essentially for those who want healing from severe muscular disorders. As a chiropractor I have been able to solve many of the complex spinal, orthopedic, and neuromuscular disorders. Some of them have been too complex for the professional orthopedics and neurologists.

Neuromuscular Therapy

The massage is meant for pain healing and strengthening of the neuromuscular systems. The massaging could be complex or simple, depending on the existing physical condition and the intensity of the disorder. I have been working on the procedures to provide healing and recovery to my patients for years. In my next articles, I shall share some of the simple massaging methods to practice at home.