Why did you choose chiropractic, when there are so many other methods of therapy and treatments? How effective are the therapeutic methods? Who can benefit? How is it better than the other methods? Is it economical for everyone?

These are some of the questions I had to face after taking up chiropractic healing as my profession. Of course, I had worked as a physiotherapy expert for 10 years before getting into this field. I had treated hundreds of patients using conventional medication also. However, I found chiropractic to be relatively more efficient, because of the simple reason that it focuses on the spine. What is so special about it, you may ask.

Chiropractic and Spine

You know that spine is the main supporting organ in the human body. It runs along the backbone from the neck to the lower back. There are hundreds of nerves and veins which connect to the entire human body from here. There are also Para-spinal muscles which connect to other muscles throughout the human body. Let’s see how important they are.

Spine Functions

The brain sends our thousands of signals to the various parts of the human body every second. The voluntary movements of the hands, legs, eyes, and other parts depend on these signals. There are also involuntary actions like the heart beat, breathing, and others. The nerves on the spine carry the signals between the brain and the other organs. Everything is fine as long as the spine works perfectly and it is straight.

Spinal Stress

The spine is under constant stress due to the action of movement of muscles and ligaments around it. It can experience dislocations at times. It may start as a minor sprain or strain. Improper postures while sitting, standing, sleeping, running and walking can further extend the stress factors. Gradually there will be gap between the spine and the backbone.

Stress Consequences

The stress factors naturally pass onto the other parts of the body including the lumbar and skeletal muscles. The results could be lower back pain, muscle pulling, neuromuscular disorders etc. The patient may also experience partial or complete strokes leading to paralysis.

Conventional Treatments

Conventional medications and treatments can only provide temporary relief from the pain. It is because they numb the muscles and nerves which have twisted. Once the effects of treatments reduce, the patient may experience pain and discomfort. The cycle continues.

Chiropractic for Spine

 As I understand, chiropractic is a natural and permanent method of setting the spine and connecting muscles to the normal position. As a chiropractor, I use simple methods and tools to perform the therapy. The process is gradual but it works wonders. I have been using it for all the age groups of patients from 8 to 80+.

There are absolutely no side effects of the treatment. The patient can resume his normal lifestyle almost immediately after the completion of treatments.


You can try chiropractic for your spine and experience the benefits. It is better to take the advice of your physician before starting with the chiropractic methods.

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