Sleeping postures play an important role in providing comfort to the muscles, joints and the bones in the neck and spine. There are three main postures, namely the side posture, stomach posture, and back posture. Sleeping on the left side is stated to be the most appropriate for every individual as it relieves the stress from the spine, neck, and Para-spinal muscles. However, the posture is not practical while sleeping for 6 to 8 hours. Hence, your body tends to shift postures during sleep.

Stress and Fatigue

Stress on the spinal nerves and Para-spinal muscles will be more during the stage of deep sleep. It is because the conscious mind will not be active during the time. Hence, the possibility of assuming unhealthy postures is more. The stress accumulated within the muscles can make you feel fatigued after you wake up in the morning. The stress on the nerves can also induce numbness in the muscles and joints.

Long Term Implications

The long term implication of improper posture can lead to nervous instability, muscle cramps, insufficient circulation, increased blood pressure, and pain in the Para-spinal muscles. Free movement of joints gets affected. You may develop knee, neck, and lower back pain. You may consume medicines and go through conventional therapies like physiotherapy or massages. But they provide only temporary solutions.

Why Choose Chiropractic

Chiropractic is the most recommended and effective method due to several reasons.  Firstly, it is associated with the adjustment and manipulation of the spinal cord and the connecting nerves. Secondly, it is natural and uses no harmful chemicals. It is also non-invasive, which means there are no surgical methods used in the procedures. Hence, the risk of side effects like strokes, and paralysis are non-existent.

Chiropractic applies to all age groups of males and females. It works for people with a high body mass index. It also works fine for those who have allergies for medications and conventional massage and physiotherapy.

What Does a Chiropractor Do

An experienced Kirkland chiropractor uses a chiropractic table for treating your sleep-related spine and neck problems. The table has many compartments to support and re-align the spinal cord sections. The chiropractor starts from the lower back and moves up until the neck muscles.


There are many spine adjustment techniques like the activator, drop-table, Gonstead, and other distraction methods. The specialist may also use many tools like the activator adjustor, TENS, CryoSauna, and others for setting the neck and Para-spinal muscles in perfect alignment.

Stress Relief

Application of chiropractic oils and activator massages can relieve all the blocks in the veins that pass through the spine. They can also rejuvenate the stressed out muscles and skeletal bones connecting to the spine.


The final result of chiropractic treatments is that you get long-time relief from the sleep-related spinal and neck problems. You don’t need to depend on medicines and conventional treatments to make you sleep comfortably. The sleep cycles also improve considerably within a short time without any sort of internal disturbances.

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